Children and families.
Experience the farm. Our family holiday.

Family friendly farm.

An experience for children and relaxation for the parents.

Children feel particularly at home with us on the farm.
There is always something to see and experience. Whether it is the farmer driving past on his tractor or a calf being born, experiences on the farm are guaranteed to light up children’s eyes.

Our animals

See where milk comes from, be there when the eggs are collected warm from the nest in the chicken coop, help to look after and feed our many animals, big and small.
Kazika and Zotti, our goats look forward to being fed grass, and our rabbits, Asta und Fira with their band of bunnies, love being stroked and treated to crusts. You might be lucky and get to see a calf being born. 

Our playground

Our homemade playground is constructed from natural materials, with different equipment and climbing possibilities. It is located in the heart of the farm and invites children to explore and let off steam. And for our youngest guests there is a sand pit under the old pear tree and a baby swing. 

Our panoramic relaxation park

Our spacious panoramic relaxation park with unique views of the Dolomites offers plenty of space to play, run about or simply relax and enjoy.
A barbeque and traditional hut with a big table and seating area make our panorama relaxation park complete. 
Unterpfaffstall Hof
Goss Family
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39054 Collalbo / Renon
Bolzano / South Tyrol, Italy
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