Farm produce.
Fresh and healthy. My indulgence.

It is the same with health as it is with love;
You only recognise the immeasurable value of it, if it is lost!

Here at the Unterpfaffstall Hof there is a wide selection of healthy farm-grown products. The choice varies depending on the time of year in a natural cycle.
Berries and fruit, which grow here on the farm, are lovingly transformed into tasty fruit spreads and syrups.
Enjoy the best raw milk with your breakfast coffee or simply pure, fresh every day from our cows.
Sometimes big, sometimes small, the eggs from our happy chickens vary as much as the chickens they come from.
A particular treat is Peter‘s Speck, seasoned according to a traditional recipe and aged for more than half a year.
A wide range of herbs are grown in our vegetable garden. You are welcome to help yourself to our herbs to season your meals.
Once dried, we use the various herbs and flowers, to make healthy and extremely tasty teas. Depending on availability, we are happy to offer you salads and vegetables from our farm garden, as well as fruit from our small orchard meadow.
In our farm cellar you can find a range of farm products, at harvest time our offerings are extended with fresh fruit and vegetables from the fields and garden. .
Unterpfaffstall Hof
Goss Family
Via Tann 16
39054 Collalbo / Renon
Bolzano / South Tyrol, Italy
+39 0471 357 156
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