The Dolomites

There is a exiting view of the Dolomits trough the building from Franz Messner an his son David.
When the sun sets, they are awash with tints of red.Impressively they rise up and form unusual jagged contours against the sky.
An enchanting natural spectacle oscillating between rugged rocks anlush pastures.


Originating 200 million years ago as a giant barrier reef in the primordial Tethys ocean , the Dolomites now form part of the Southern Limestone Alp. In 2009, the main areas of the Dolomites were declared a UNESCO world Natural Heritage site.

A fragment of Dolomite rock from its original enviroment, has been intergrated in the sculpture and is thus within viewers reach. Aglace trough the slit offers aview on the spectacular surrounding rock formations an thus connects the sunny high plateau of Renon to the Dolomites as UNESCO Natural Heritage sites.
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