South Tyrolean customs on the farm during Christmas

Cutting and freshening Barbara's branches on December 4th is one of many pre-Christmas customs on the South Tyrolean farms. The branches should then bloom until Christmas Eve, or exactly on Christmas Eve.
On December 4th, the name day of Saint Barbara, branches are cut from the cherry tree before sunrise and placed in a vase with water in the room.
If the cherry blossoms bloom by December 24th for Christmas Eve, that's a good omen for the coming year.
The tradition of the Barbara branches goes back to the third century.
The martyr St. Barbara was the daughter of a rich businessman from Nikomedia in Asia Minor. Her father was a pagan and Barbara got to know the Christian religion and was baptized. Despite the fact that her father loved she more than anything, he let she persecute and imprison because of her faith.
On her way to captivity, a cherry tree branch got caught in her dress. She placed this in her cell in a jug of water. On the day she was sentenced, the cherry branch blossomed and Barbara said "You seemed dead, but you blossomed to a better life. So my death will also be the beginning of a more beautiful eternal life. "

Saint Barbara is the patron saint of miners, geologists, architects, roofers, girls and prisoners.

So that the barbara branches really bloom, you should note a few tips:
- The branches should have got frost before cutting, otherwise you can simply put them in the freezer for a day.
- Put the branches in lukewarm water overnight and then put them in a vase.
- The vase should not be too warm and have sufficient humidity, the branches can possibly be sprayed with water.
- Regularly cut the branches or tap them softly with a hammer, this increases the water absorption capacity.
- The water should be changed every 2 to 3 days.

With these tips you have a good chance that the barbara branches will bloom on time for Christmas and bode well for the coming year.
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